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Words to Live By:
It's Easy To See; This Is My Philosophy
Remember the question, "What do you want to be?
The answer I'd give, "Dental hygiene's for me!"
Wrinkled noses, raised eyebrows, and "whys" came my way
To those odd responses, here's what I would say:
From doctors to plumbers from husbands to wives,
I want to work with people to help improve their lives.
I want to visit and talk as I work for awhile,
And send clients home with a much brighter smile.
This is what makes my job a big deal,
My goal is to better the way people feel.
To always keep learning is what I will do
To bring the newest treatment directly to you.
From myself, doing the best job is what I'll demand
I'll treat everyone fairly in a way they understand
I'll continuously monitor my personal growth
With the ethical inspection of the Hippocratic oath.
My patients will declare, "This girl's work is fine!"
I want to see people outside my operatory waiting in line.
I want to personally make my office a wonderful place
Where the dentist, my boss, has a smile on his face
Production will be at an all time high
My recall and therapy will be two reasons why
I'll go home at the end of a work-filled great day
To a family that loves me and is ready to play.
They'll be the ones that will always come first
For their happiness and health I will always thirst.
So now you know all I want in my life
Is to be the best hygienist, mother, daughter, and wife!

~~Lindsay Staub, B.S., R.D.H.~~

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