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Shalom's Song

To even think a tear could fall
From those eyes I love
Would shatter gates on Heaven's wall
Take freedom from a dove.

I couldn't bear the thought of you
Sitting all alone
Enduring pain that wasn't due
With no one there to hold.

Life sometimes can be so cruel,
In teaching lessons hard
An unfair game, life has no rules
No mercy to discard.

But there are things life can't betray.
My love for you is one.
How great a force we can array,
When all is said and done.

Though pains in life may linger,
To you, I make this vow.
I'll stand before life's wicked fingers
Beside you, head unbowed.

You are my love.
And, as a friend, I wish for you
The freedom of the dove
To fly in golden hues.

In whatever life may bring us,
Know I am by your side
Encouraging with my love...
Proud to see you fly.

This was written by a very special person in my life.
I have been blessed by God to have met him.

Life may deal you some pretty bad blows,
when out of the blue, a person makes everything
all right...

Please do not reproduce text without permission.
1997, 1998 Blue Shalom
All rights reserved.